The team at Running Over 50 has been running for 25+ years and have reached major milestones while running in their 50’s, and we want to see you reach your goals too!

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Getting Started Running

So You’ve Decided to Start Running? Good Choice!

Running and staying active in our 50’s & beyond is very beneficial to our bodies and keeps us feeling young


What You’ll Need to Start

There are a few things to consider before you head out the door & start running

Choose the Right Clothing

¬†While it’s a good rule of thumb to run in loose fitting clothes, running at different times of the year requires different types of clothing to protect you from the sun and other weather elements.

Choose the Right Foot Gear

There are many different types of sneakers & running shoes in the market that has all of the bells and whistles you could want, but some are not always the best for the type of running you want to do.

Choose the Right Running Style

Let’s face it, not all of us are meant to be Marathon runners, but we all can find comfort in a running style that meets our needs. There are a number of different running styles for you to explore!

Start Setting Your Goals

Set Your Goals

Whether it's just to get active or to run a 5k, it all starts with setting your goals.

Start Running

Use our experiences and expertise to help you succeed as you get started.

Achieve Your Goals

Keep track of your successes to smash your goals out of the park, and celebrate your victories on your way!

You Can Do It

Now that you've started, don't stop! Running is a lifestyle you can continue in your later life.