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Meet Charlotte, the Marathon Costume Chic, and our Ro50 Runner Spotlight of the week

If You Can’t Be Fast….Be Festive: The Story of the Marathon Costume Chic

Running marathons in costume has become a popular trend among runners. Charlotte Corriher, who is famously known in the running community as the Marathon Costume Chic, shared with us how she got started wearing costumes to run.


When I was 36, I lost some weight doing DVD workouts and walking. I went on vacation and didn’t have a way to do my DVD workouts, so I decided to walk…but it was cold, so I decided to run. I never thought I would or could run due to an older injury, but apparently, it wasn’t an issue anymore.

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After running my first 5k, I realized how much fun the running community was. I started looking at longer distances. I decided to train for my first marathon through Team in Training. The friendships I developed through that organization made me enjoy running. When I moved to Charleston, SC, within a week, I found a local running club called Charleston Beer Runners. I instantly had a great network of friends to run with.

Among runners, I’m known as the Marathon Costume Chic since I run all my marathons in costume. It started in 2007 with The Shamrock Marathon. My running buddy suggested we get green shirts. My mom made us matching shirts with shamrocks on them. Next thing you know we had leprechaun hats and sparkling shoe covers.

My costumes are a family collaborative. I design them, my mom constructs them, and my sister paints them. My mom is the absolute best. She’s made at least 75 percent of my costumes. She’s really into it. When I race, she doesn’t even ask how I did. She asks if everyone loved the costumes.

My mom’s favorite marathon costume was for the 2013 Little Rock Marathon when I wore a three-tiered birthday cake costume for my birthday weekend.

I’ve run 156 marathons/ultras in all 50 States, and all but 4 were in costume. I do repeat costumes sometimes, but I have run in 121 different costumes. The costumes make a race so much more interesting, and they get the crowd involved.

I think one of my biggest accomplishments would be my jump to running 100-milers. I would have never thought it was possible for me to run that far. I’m also working on my 2nd round of the 50 states, and hope to complete it quicker than the first time (12 years). It took me 11 years to run my first 100 marathons, and I’m hoping to reach 200 marathons by next August, only taking 3-1/2 years the next hundred.

You can check out my Instagram with pictures of all my costumes: @MarathonCostumeChic


Running Over 50 Spotlight Runner Profile
Running Over 50 Spotlight Runner Charlotte Corriher

Name: Charlotte Corriher

Age: 51

Running Style: Competitive Running

Follow At: @MarathonCostumeChic