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The Running Over 50 Guide to Seasonal Running Clothes

How to Dress to Go Running Through All Seasons

How to dress to go running varies throughout the seasons. If you’re not sure on what to wear for your run, here’s our quick runner’s guide on what to wear for running in different seasons!


Knowing how to dress to go running through different times of year is important for personal comfort and performance. You wouldn’t want to be running in freezing temperatures in a tank top and shorts after all! Wearing a wicking base layer is a great start, but knowing what to throw on next depends on Mother Nature. Choosing the correct clothing can protect you from unforeseen issues like sunburn or overheating on a run.

Runners begin to develop their own clothing strategies as temperatures start to change. Every runner has a “no shorts” temperature threshold to for example. Knowing these limits comes with experience, but here’s some seasonal running wardrobe advice to get you started.


Spring Running Wardrobe Tips

What to wear in Spring

Temperature Range

Between 50° and 70°F

Staying comfortable while running in the spring can be a bit of a guessing game. During Spring months, it can be freezing in the morning and in the mid ’70s by the afternoon, so light layerable apparel should be your go-to!

You Might Want to Wear
  • Longer Shorts or Capris
  • Short-sleeve Shirt
  • Base Layer Long-sleeve Shirt
  • Lightweight Running Jacket


Summer Running Wardrobe Tips

What to wear in Summer

Temperature Range

Above 75°F

When running in the Summer, moisture-wicking clothing is your best friend! Consider lightweight, breathable fabrics and loose-fitting clothes to keep you dry and cool while you’re running. It rains a lot in NC during the summer, so planning on sudden downpours is a must here. Resist the urge to go running in flipflops, it’s terrible for your feet and ankles.

You Might Want to Wear
  • Shorts
  • Short-sleeve Shirt or Tank Top
  • Lightweight Rain Jacket or Poncho


Autumn Running Wardrobe Tips

What to wear in Autumn/Fall

Temperature Range

Between 40° and 60°F

Layers are the name of the game for running in the cooler temperatures of Autumn. Consider adding running vests, jackets, or thermal tops on top of your wicking base layer before heading out the door.

You Might Want to Wear
  • Midweight Tights or Light Pants
  • Long-sleeve Shirt
  • Running Vest, Jacket or Thermal Pullover
  • Earmuff Headband


Winter Running Wardrobe Tips

What to wear in Winter

Temperature Range

Below 40°F

Running in winter temperatures takes some serious wardrobe planning. You will want to dress to keep your extremities warm as temps dip into the 30’s and below, but not too bundled up that you will overheat while running. Consider weather-resistant materials to insulate yourself and keep water from snow and slush out of your shoes.

You Might Want to Wear
  • Beanie and/or Earmuffs
  • Running Gloves or Mittens
  • Insulated Jacket
  • Thick Tights or Pants
  • Warm Socks


Still not sure how to dress? Try out the What to Wear Tool from Runner’s World!