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Women are over taking men in the running world

Women Are Taking the Lead in the Running World

According to the latest statistics, more women are getting into the competitive running sphere. This surge of female runners is changing the tide of the running world. So we can’t help but ask, who run the world? Girls!


Ladies, we’ve come a long way in the running world since the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) first banned women from competing officially in all U.S. road races. Back then, many women fought the ban to get us back into the race, and their hard work paid off. Female runners have been smashing running barriers ever since.

Years after the ban was lifted, more and more women have taken up running. The 2017 National Runner Survey reported that around 63% of runners in the United States are women. More over, women are competing in running events across the US in growing numbers. At some marathons, like Boston, women are outnumbering men in certain age groups [let’s close the gap on the over 50 category!].

According to Running USA data, the majority of runners in U.S. road races are women. In 2017, around 59% of participants in any given road race were female, while 41% were male.

Source: Running USA

While men might have faster finishing times, the rate in which they complete running events has fallen compared to women. In the chart above, we can see that women have been taking the lead in finishing running events. This could be because women’s pacing patterns perform better than men’s. According to a Danish study, women are 18.61% better than men at running with a controlled and consistent pace. These pacing patterns can help stave off marathon burnout allowing women to finish events at higher rates.


Though the average age for female competitive runners is currently 36, we’re hoping these women keep running until they can join the ranks of the Over 50 club. Then we can shine the Over 50 runner’s spotlight on them too. Let’s keep up the good work, ladies!